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The ‘Voltigno’ plateau, on the Pescara slope of the Gran Sasso Massif (eastern part), is a ‘Karst basin’ entirely surrounded by the beech wood, with green pastures and numerous dolinas and ‘water wells’ among which the characteristic ‘Lago Sfondo’.

The intact and unspoilt environment of the Gran Sasso National Park is the ideal terrain for excursions on the snow.

Among the various options, currently skiers can test their skills on some constantly machine-groomed trails for classic and skating techniques.

The longest loop, of medium difficulty, with an overall slope gradient of 300 m, has a total length of 15 km, with trailhead and trail end in the area of the Bufara Refuge.

There are further loops of minor length, which can be suitable for beginners (1.5 km and 3 km) and for training purposes (5 km).

The snowshoe trails partially coincide with cross-country trails. Some reach the CAI refuge and the belvedere areas around the basin, others include a link between the foot of ‘Le Scalate’ and the Picnic area (Loop 1).

Moreover, safety on the trails is guaranteed by the help of the Protezione Civile of Villa Celiera, N.O.V.E. Group, which patrols the area by snowmobile and snowshoes.

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