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Skiing in Abruzzo

Just a few steps from the Roccaraso (AQ) skiing facilities and towered by the superb Mount Tre Confini ridge and by the Toppe del Tesoro, and east of the Serra Tecchete, Mount Maiuri and Mount Arazecca, the Aremogna Plain, between 1,400 and 1,500 m high, is a perfect terrain for ski lovers.

Here you will find 3 cross-country skiing loops: a 5 km approved loop, always groomed, and two further trails,1km and 3 km respectively, popular among amateurs and experts alike and suitable for both classic technique and freestyle.

There are also plenty of ski touring routes and snowshoe trails. Among the latter is a medium difficulty trail starting from ‘La Baita’ refuge going through Fonte la Guardia and leading to Mount Arazecca.

Further trails are: the (easy) loop, about 5 km long, starting from Piazzale Pizzalto, and n 3, starting from the cross country trail and crossing a good part of Aremogna, up to the Tre Confini Pass overlooking the Valle del Sangro and then going back to trailhead through a different route.

Worthy of mention is also a short ski mountaineering track which, from Piazzale Aremogna through Valle delle Gravare leads up to the ridge of the Toppe del Tesoro.

The area is also provided with many hotels, restaurants, ski rental, ski school with instructors specialised in cross-country skiing and quad rental.

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