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Pianoro Campitelli (AQ)

Skiing in Abruzzo

Small plateau located between the slopes of the Meta Mounts and the high Valle del Sangro in the territory of Alfedena, Pianoro Campitelli can be reached both from Abruzzo’s side via the S.S. Marsicana 83 Road and from Molise’s side, via the S.S. Venafrana 156 Road.

It is located in an enchanting natural environment, 1,400 m.a.s.l. on the edge of the Abruzzo Lazio and Molise National Park, immersed in marvelous age old beech and oak woods and surrounded by wonderful mountain sceneries.

The cross-country ski trail by the name of ‘La Montagnola’ is an approved and highly qualified trail, where many regional and inter-regional ski competitions have taken place; the loops are 2.5, 3.3, and 5 Km long respectively with a slope gradient of just 100 m.

Appreciated by specialists, but also by cross-country skiing amateurs, the trails are managed by the Alfedena Ski Club which guarantees grooming, ski school and equipment rental services.

Noteworthy for ski touring and snowshoeing fans is the route reaching Passo dei Monaci (about 2 hours) passing by the ‘Vedetta’ Refuge and the itinerary starting from Valle Fiorita and reaching Passo dei Monaci through Val Pagana.

Ski mountaineering lovers will also enjoy the route which from Lago Vivo transits close to the ‘Vedetta’ Refuge crossing the ski touring trail and then proceeding towards the Prati di Mezzo Refuge (in the province of Isernia) through Mount Meta.

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