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Piani di Pezza (AQ)

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The ‘Piani di Pezza’, accessible from Rocca di Mezzo and from Rovere, are located on the slopes of the Northern side of the Velino Mountain. They are a wide Karst plain, of strong scenic impact, among the most enchanting and untouched in the whole Sirente-Velino Park, with wide green glades surrounded by beech woods with age old specimens and provided with picnic areas.

This natural environment, at an average altitude of 1,480 m.a.s.l., is home to a variety of cross-country skiing options: 6 loops for over thirty kilometres of trails can satisfy even the most demanding cross-country skier.

Here is the 5 km long Panfilo Di Gregorio approved trail, B type, for classic technique, with a maximum slope gradient of 182 m. Other trails range from 2 km (Ceraso variant) to 11 km.

Alpine guides are available to lead adults and children alike onto snowshoe itineraries to the discovery of the winter mountains. Many are the exciting opportunities to enjoy the atmosphere of this area in the calm of the winter season.

Noteworthy is the walk leading to the Sebastiani Refuge through the charming beech wood of Valle Cerchiata.

Ski mountaineering lovers too can have a great time here, thanks to two itineraries comprising this area: the one starting from Peschio Rovicino and reaching Ovindoli through the Costone della Cerasa, and the one from the Sebastiani Refuge to the meadows of Mount Cafornia.

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