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Skiing in Abruzzo

Located in an enchanting scenery, the Pizzi Mountains area, between the towns of Pizzoferrato and Gamberale, within the Majella National Park, is a peculiar environment where thick beech and oak woods take turns with the typical limestone towers of the ‘morge’.

Very rich is the fauna of the area with wolves, martens, squirrels and buzzards.

This charming corner of Abruzzo offers tourists the chance to practice cross-country skiing thanks to a 3 km loop called ‘la Mandra’; a 1 km warm-up loop is also available.

The trail was originally a cattle-track between the high grazing lands of the Valle del Sole and of the Feudo dell'Asinella.

The trail runs parallel to the provincial road Pizzoferrato-Macchia Gravara-Valico della Forchetta on the side of Valle del Sole and crosses the beech wood in more that one spot.

The trailhead can be in Pizzoferrato, in the tourist area of Valle del Sole, where alpine skiing lifts and runs are also located, or on the Gamberale side, corresponding with the Provincial road. There are also interesting options for ski touring and snowshoeing fans, with some itineraries unwinding close to the cross-country trail.

Services to skiers are available both in Valle del Sole, close to the alpine skiing facilities (restrooms and food), and on the Gamberale side (food). Cross-country skiing trails are pending approval from competent authorities.

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