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Bosco di Sant'Antonio (AQ)

Skiing in Abruzzo

The ‘Bosco di Sant'Antonio’ is a significant reminder of the imposing forests once covering the ranges of the Altipiani Maggiori d’Abruzzo. Located inside the Majella National Park, the Forest keeps one of the most beautiful and famous beech woods in Abruzzo, with huge beech, but also mountain maple, turkey oak, wild pear, apple and cherry specimens, perfect shelter for plenty of animal species such as the Wolf and the Marsican Bear.

Historically a transit place between Sulmona and the Cinquemiglia Plateau, the area is also home to the Hermitage of S. Antonio, used in the past as a shelter by lay hermits, wayfarers and shepherds.

In this place where nature saves magical surprises, in winter surrounded by ice ‘laces’ on the bushes and by the intertwined branches frozen by the chill, cross-country skiers find their ideal environment, with 7 loops groomed by the local Pescocostanzo ski club.

The 5 km approved loop, B type, has a maximum altitude of 1,349 m and a minimum altitude of 1,318. Interesting are also the snowshoe and ski touring routes which range from Pizzalto to Pescocostanzo.

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