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Zompo lo Schioppo, the power and the glory

Hiking in Abruzzo

Zompo lo Schioppo, the power and the glory (Hiking in Abruzzo)

Zompo lo Schioppo nature reserve is one of Abruzzo region’s protected areas and part of the municipality of Morino (province of L’Aquila).

Its exact location is Valle Roveto and it covers 1,025 hectares that include cultivated fields, vineyards and towering oak woods around the town.

The forests in the higher areas are made up of yews and tall beeches, and are crossed by the River Romito.

The spectacular natural waterfall called Zompo lo Schioppo (130m) plunges down from the sheer, sunny rock faces of the mountain peaks.

The nature trail is a circuit that crosses through part of the reserve at a lower altitude, as far as the waterfall, then loops back to the starting point.

The itinerary starts near the car park, where a shady dirt road at the edge of the woods slopes slightly.

After 200m we meet the Schioppo court where there is a refuge of the same name.

Proceeding we take the path that hugs the bed of the stream and soon find ourselves right under the waterfall.

Following the trail further, skirting age-old trees, we arrive at a pool of lovely, clear waters, generated by a small dam built as part of the hydroelectric installation. Continuing, we return to our starting point.

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