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Walking in a fairy tale

Hiking in Abruzzo

Walking in a fairy tale (Hiking in Abruzzo)

Along the SP84, near Ateleta, we turn for Secinella (signpost) and proceed to Case Pitassi. The road ends at the Colle della Castagna picnic area, with barbecue equipment and a drinking fountain (4.5km from here to Secinella).

This is a starting point for a horseback trail in the park.

The itinerary, which follows the park’s M2 (signpost), takes a slightly uphill dirt road.

In late spring, after crossing a small stream, we can admire wild saffron in blossom.

After an initial climb, the trail bears left and crossing meadows and pastures, we soon reach a fountain and a fork in the road with the M1 trail (for Gamberale and the deer wildlife area).

Continuing on the trail, we soon find ourselves at Passo della Paura (1,585m), a series of clearings, then the trail enters a wooded area and reaches a final clearing on path N4, meeting the Pietra Cernaia rock faces.

We go down the trail northwards on the N4 path and continue for about 10 minutes, as far as the Pietra Cernaia pond.

The area features wild, rugged ‘lama’ and ‘morgia’ limestone formations with interesting rock faces (Pietra Cernaia), and a range of not overly high peaks ending with Mount Secine.

There are extensive forests with beech groves, and some quite large wild apple and pear woods, ideal habitats for the Marsica bear.

The return is along the same route.

Unspoiled landscapes for all strides

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