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The river of history

Hiking in Abruzzo

The river of history (Hiking in Abruzzo)

We are close to San Liberatore a Majella, one of Abruzzo’s oldest Benedictine abbeys, said to have been founded in the ninth century by Charlemagne. In its heyday its assets stretched from Mount Majella to the Adriatic, between the Sangro and Pescara valleys.

This short circular route (Trail 5 of the Park) starts from the abbey forecourt and leads along an easy path on the banks of the River Alento, in this stretch still just a stream. Here, beyond some fencing, we see a stunning waterfall. We can cross the stream thanks to a small wooden bridge and, after a short climb for a few minutes, we reach a clearing.

On the left, set in the rock face, we can see several tombs of the early Christian era. Here the setting is picturesque and its characteristic humidity favours the proliferation of mosses and ferns.

Passing the tombs, we continue for a few metres, as far as the gorge (take care when it is wet underfoot), and cross another bridge.

Here the path narrows and we take the left to reach a ridge a few metres ahead, until we encounter a dirt road that runs alongside the upstream Area Faunistica del Capriolo, returning towards the great abbey of San Liberatore a Majella.

The wildlife area offers free access to its fauna, which can be observed from the slits cut along the fence.

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