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The meandering river

Hiking in Abruzzo

The meandering river (Hiking in Abruzzo)

We start at the Centro Visite Fiume Tirino and head north, passing the sports facilities, climbing Via del Sole and turning left for the Pescopiano trail, flanking picturesque rows of oaks.

Here the river meanders through lovely vegetation along its banks, there are some interesting wheel irrigation systems.

We continue for about 3.3km to the junction and here take the left. After a further 200m (at Cirichiello), we turn right (on the left there is a picnic area with water).

Passing under an overpass, then alongside a fishing site, we proceed for another 800m; on the left, we encounter a crossroads for the church of San Pietro ad Oratorium, with its famous magic formula carvings.

Founded in 752 and restored in a Benedictine style in 1100, it boasts significant elements of historic and artistic interest.

If we still have some breath left we can head north for 4.5km and enjoy the view of the lake at Capo d’Acqua, with the Presciano springs, which are of extremely interesting from a naturalistic perspective.

To return to the Visitor Centre, we simply take the path back for 1.6km.

At the Cirichiello junction, we turn right where there is a picnic area with water.

We continue south on Via Vagna, for 2.3km; after a short upward stretch near some riding stables, we can turn right and head downwards into a path skirting the river.

Here we are immersed in lush vegetation of willow, white willow, grey willow, and poplar. After about 800m we are back at our starting point.

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