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The gorges and lake of Pennadomo

Hiking in Abruzzo

The gorges and lake of Pennadomo (Hiking in Abruzzo)

Pennadomo features stunning rock faces made up of fine layers of limestone that soar several hundred metres in height.

Known locally as ‘penne’, they also give the village its name.

Over recent years a number of climbing routes have been developed here, particularly on the most spectacular face, called Resegone.

These slopes are home to interesting rare fauna and flora species, typical of rocky habitats: branched asphodel, coronilla valentina, the peregrine falcon, the crag martin.

From the bridge we can walk up the gorge as far as the waterfall, but this is only recommended in late spring and in summer, when the San Leo waters are minimal.

The route starts from this bridge, at the base of the mighty faces, and continues along the tarmac road towards Bomba.

After about 750m, we take the road on our right, in the direction of the Pennadomo tourist facilities. From here we continue parallel to the stream until it flows into Lake Bomba.

From the lake shores we climb upwards on a small dirt road through farmed and uncultivated areas as far as (6), where we turn right onto a gravel path until we reach the tarmac road coming down from Pennadomo (7), and from here we return to our starting point.

Highly recommended is the climb up the lengthy staircase from the centre of town to the upper part of the rock faces, where we can admire the view from a lookout point.

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