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The footsteps of Napoleon

Hiking in Abruzzo

The footsteps of Napoleon (Hiking in Abruzzo)

The Strada Napoleonica, the ancient road connecting the Italic Peligno and Samnite peoples, is found near Cantelmo castle, in Pettorano sul Gizio.

The trail (CAI Sentiero 5) skirts a road that travels from Pettorano to the Piano delle Cinquemiglia plateau.

After walking for about 30 minutes and beyond the area called Le Grotte, the road forks right and slips into the Valle Rea.

Here we find a wildlife watching tower, which can also come in handy in bad weather. After another ten minutes on foot, at an altitude of 920m, we find a junction.

The start of trail 7 is a short distance from the junction itself, and is installed with a drinking fountain and canopied benches for anyone wishing to rest and have a snack.

Continuing along Napoleon’s route on foot for about half an hour, we reach the SS17 highway and here pass under a viaduct. Ahead we find the old track to the Rocca Pia cemetery, then a short stretch of tarmac connects to the town of Rocca Pia itself.

The trail is excellent for observing e wildlife deer and roe. The return is along the same route.

NB: The trail has CAI – Club Alpino Italiano signposting.

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