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The domain of the chamois

Hiking in Abruzzo

The domain of the chamois (Hiking in Abruzzo)

The Camosciara (deer reserve) amphitheatre is the heart of the park and the most important and sensitive for nature and landscape.

This is the Riserva Integrale, a protected area that is the best known but equally one of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park’s most secret places.

Several years ago, 3km of the provincial road carrying traffic across the protected area was closed as it was disturbing wild fauna and flora noticeably.

Currently, from the stopover point, located on the valley floor at the side of Marsicana provincial road 83, beyond the right bank of the River Sangro, we can visit the valley up as far as the square at the top, either using various services (horse, carriage, narrow-gauge train, mountain bike), or on foot, walking along what was once the main road.

Along the route, called G1, after careful redevelopment of the area, natural, historical and landscape information points were installed, with small panels that help to understand the environment.

The route also offers some small variations, suggesting G5 as the most comfortable trail, taking to the nearby Cascate delle Ninfe falls, and G6 that enters the beech woods of the Riserva Integrale as far as the Liscia refuge.

The area is suitable for family groups with small children, and for the elderly. We return retracing our steps along the same path.

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