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The Lavino and its crystalline springs

Hiking in Abruzzo

The Lavino and its crystalline springs (Hiking in Abruzzo)

The Parco del Lavino protected area takes its name from its most characteristic natural feature, namely its sulphurous river waters.

The sulphates dissolved here give the pools, springs and streams their distinctive, evocative blue-turquoise tinge.

The park is located in Scafa, in the hamlet of Decontra, and our hike begins directly on the provincial road, signposted by the wrought iron arch stating ‘Parco del Lavino’.

Part of the trail is along a cycle path and part on a footpath, and it is bordered by massive wooden fences. After 150m, we turn left, near an overpass, and we reach a picnic area with adjacent playground.

Our senses will be stunned by the crystal clear water, shimmering with different colours, and the pungent scent of sulphur filling the air.

From the picnic area we skirt the stream to the left, cross the bridge, and go straight ahead for about 200m on a visible track.

Then we trace our steps back for about 150m and turn right. The path also outlined in yellow stones takes us towards a series of buildings that were part of the exploitation of the Lavino’s water resources, like the old Farnese mill dating back to the 1600s.

From the mill we continue for about 100m and turn left along the cycle path with its shady fig, hazelnut and plum trees, and go back to the start point.

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