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The Grifone trail

Hiking in Abruzzo

The Grifone trail (Hiking in Abruzzo)

The Sentiero del Grifone covers tracks and paths on the southern foothills of the Velino-Serra massif, in a stunning natural and archaeological context.

The trail is laid out and signposted in the municipalities of Scurcola Marsicana, Magliano dei Marsi and Celano, taking its name from the vulture successfully introduced in the 1990s by the State Forestry Corps.

The section suggested here lies within the municipality of Celano, and begins at the upper part of the old town from a convenient path behind the Alpini church.

The first red and white wooden trail marker is found here and we can follow the others across low vegetation that gives full visibility of the surrounding landscape, arriving at a lush pine grove.

The trail is mostly flat and winds its way through slender trees, some soaring to 30m in height, then skirt a rock face with climbing devices, exiting a stretch of the pines.

The unique atmosphere is charming and unexpectedly reveals the Mount Velino massif, with the Piana del Fucino plain in the distance.

The vultures circle overhead, high in the sky, their flight seeking the warm currents that accompany them in their quest for food.

Our trail dips and rises as far as Casca L’Acqua, our point of arrival, whose waters are visible only in winter and spring.

The return is along the same route.

Unspoiled landscapes for all strides

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