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In the tootsteps of the Italic peoples

Hiking in Abruzzo

In the tootsteps of the Italic peoples (Hiking in Abruzzo)

The trail begins at the Visitor Centre and proceeds down to the Lago Nero basin (2), then we leave the trail and lake valley to our left and continue along a signposted uphill path.

On the northernmost point, by a cliff and a viewing point over Tornareccio (3), the path turns south west to continue under the imposing megalithic walls, dated fifth century BC (4). Following the tarmac road we reach the Madonnina car park and with a short detour we can visit the Roman settlement (5).

Returning to the trail and skirting the rocky ridge, we reach the highest point (925m) with a tower and a sweeping panorama embracing a horizon from Mount Majella to the Tremiti Islands (6).

If we continue along the ridge, first on the left and then on the right, past the small Alpini church (7), we reach the tarmac road, and the trail turns back down towards the Visitor Centre through oak and ash woods.

Parco di Monte Pallano is classified as an archaeology park for its finds dating to the Italic period, but also as a nature park for its fascinating karst rocks and rare, high-altitude primary pasture characterized by rich flora and fauna like the endemic oriental hornbeam and protected species such as the wolf, Italian tree frog, great capricorn beetle, and southern festoon butterfly.

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