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In the shadow of soaring Mount Camicia

Hiking in Abruzzo

In the shadow of soaring Mount Camicia (Hiking in Abruzzo)

The hike starts in the upper area of San Salvatore, a district of tiny Castelli, a village at 770m. The route leads up to the stunning north face of Mount Camicia.

The easy trail progresses upwards, through the beech woods, crossing a small, panoramic pass, and reaching the gravelly Fosso Morto.

Turning left, we take the steeper ‘Piergiorgio De Paulis’ track downhill, crossing Fosso Leomogna to reach the memorial to those who lost their lives in the mountains.

Here, precisely at the foot of Mount Camicia’s north face, we meet the Four Vadi path and enter the panoramic Fondo della Salsa amphitheatre. The best way to return is to take the same route back. Along the trail there are no springs so it may be a good idea to take water.

Fondo della Salsa is named for the valley’s funnel shape, which channels snow, rocks and trees to its lowest point, located under the north face of Mount Camicia.

At 2,564m this is one of the most difficult slopes in the Apennines and it is advisable not to get too close to it since there is a real risk of falling rocks, often caused by the chamois that live there.

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