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In the Mediterranean maquis

Hiking in Abruzzo

In the Mediterranean maquis (Hiking in Abruzzo)

Here we are in the Caccavone valley, in an SCI area of significant natural interest, at Celenza sul Trigno, where we find a wide range of Mediterranean maquis.

The vegetation includes junipers, mock privet, cistus and lentisk.

Our itinerary begins in the old town centre (640m), on the hill overlooking the Trigno valley.

From the handsome church of Santa Maria Assunta (sixteenth century) (1), we proceed southward into the old centre, first along Corso Vittorio Emanuele and then Via Sant’Antonio Abate; we meet Via Riccella and continue on Via Sant’Antonio Abate (2), which takes us down towards the Caccavone valley.

At the end of steepest section, which meets another dirt road, we find an information board about the flora and fauna (3).

We go left on the dirt road that heads straight down into the valley, then turn left on another dirt road that bears sharply to the east (4).

If we follow the road we will encounter another path, which comes from the town and continues down to the Trigno valley (5).

We turn left and follow the path for 200m, up to an intersection (not very obvious) where a trail climbs to the right (6). Here we turn left at the next intersection until we reach a clearing and the first settlements.

Keeping right we will soon meet Via Riccella (7) and here turn left to return to the historic centre, back to point (2) of our itinerary and then we reach point (1).

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