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Follow the heart trail

Hiking in Abruzzo

Follow the heart trail (Hiking in Abruzzo)

The trail begins on the shores of Lake Scanno and takes us to the hermitage of Sant’Egidio, a small church built in the 1600s and set on the hill of the same name.

Here we can enjoy the picturesque view of the heart-shaped lake and the entire panorama is stunning, embracing the entire Valley, with the Terratta peaks soaring to the west and the town of Frattura to the east.

The trail starts at 30m from the bike rentals located behind the hotel.

We continue uphill to the left for about 2km through cool vegetation, then take the dirt road, turning right and following it past a small house.

After 100m we leave the dirt road for a path that climbs to the left (2) for about 500m. At the fork we proceed left for another 200m as far as a crossroads (3).

From this vantage point there is a striking view of Scanno town, a fountain to the left, and 50m further on, the hermitage of Sant’Egidio.

We can follow the right-hand path for another 800m and then climb 100m more through the vegetation (4) to reach the lookout point with its picturesque view of the lake.

From here, we turn back as far as the dirt road (2).

At that point we can decide to go back down to the lake by retracing our steps down the slope or (with the small house to the left) we can walk the 2km of dirt road whose gentle bends lead down to the lake shores (5), at less than 800m from our starting point.

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