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Face-to-face with bear and deer

Hiking in Abruzzo

Face-to-face with bear and deer (Hiking in Abruzzo)

From Piazza Largo Fontana, near the town Hall, we keep right onto Via Canale, southwards, for 100m. Here we turn right and reach the entrance to the Museo dell’Orso.

This bear museum is worth visiting, as it is entirely dedicated to the Marsica brown bear, icon of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park, and its panels, dioramas and videos illustrate the life and habits of the famous plantigrade.

Our trail (1) begins outside the museum, down a rocky path that passes to the left of a house and then starts to skirt the deer wildlife area.

The path turns left next to a wire fence and here, near a bench, the viewpoint offers a vista of the wildlife area and Villavallelonga (2).

We proceed down to a saddleback, beyond which we will see the fenced-off visitor centre for the bear area (3). We follow several more bends through a reforestation area, as far as another saddleback, then proceed downhill, following other bends in a dense pine wood, still just a few metres from the fence.

At the end of the descent, we turn left and continue along the stony path that runs alongside the bear wildlife area, which is the best observation point for the two animals (4).

Then we find the deer area again (5) and once the two wildlife folds are behind us, we cross a meadow and follow a cart-road to the left, reaching a dirt track (Via Aia Canale) (6), following it back to the starting point.

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