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Exploring the Pescara Springs

Hiking in Abruzzo

Exploring the Pescara Springs (Hiking in Abruzzo)

The Riserva Naturale Guidata Sorgenti del Pescara offers a trek to explore the wilder, less obvious aspects of the protected area.

The circular trail is formed by the Canapine and Colle Pescara itineraries, which bring us into close contact with the reserve habitat.

Canapine will take us into the riverbank woods, dominated by large poplars whose roots are carpeted with horsetail.

Along the way, we can stop at La Folaga, a birdlife observation hut for watching species that swim at the edge of the reed bed, including coot, moorhen and little grebe.

This trail takes us up a steepish slope to Colle Pescara, through woods comprising mainly oak, hornbeam and maple, which then give way to more open areas of weaver’s broom, great jujube, and prickly juniper.

A viewing point, called La Poiana, is located at the highest part of the trail and offers stunning vistas of a landscape of river waters, the Tremonti Gorges to the left (where Gran Sasso and Majella national parks meet), and to the right, the Peligna Valley with the first peaks of the National Park of Abruzzo.

Taking the Colle Pescara path we return to our starting point and soon find the river springs, an enchanting scenario of silvery willows lapped by the endless shimmering shades of the crystal clear waters.

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