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Along the fascinating Orfento

Hiking in Abruzzo

Along the fascinating Orfento (Hiking in Abruzzo)

The short, simple route includes Caramanico Terme and the Caramanico bridge that stretches across the Orfento valley floor (Trail 2 of the Park), skirting in the first stretch two structures dedicated to the wolf (Casa del Lupo) and the otter (Area Faunistica della Lontra Europea), and a Visitor Centre.

The latter has a small museum with a section devoted to Majella’s natural geology and fossils, and an archaeological section with numerous artefacts found in northern Majella.

The otter centre, as well as having scientific and reproductive purposes, has a teaching pen where four otters can be observed.

In addition, guided tours for small groups are conducted at dusk (Caramanico Visitor Centre).

Soon the trail reaches a spectacular panoramic cliff and continues downhill over steep steps carved into the rock (take care if it is wet underfoot).

At the end of this section, near a sharp bend, a large cavity opens under the rock that was the hermitage of San Cataldo. The handy stretches mid-slope soon bring us to the bottom of the valley.

Down to the left, over a series of wooden bridges, we skirt high rock faces. After an artificial waterfall, the trail continues along an old canal that carried water to a mill, no longer in operation.

At the end of this flat stretch, the path goes up some handy steps to Caramanico bridge, where our walk ends.

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