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A network of caves and sinkholes

Hiking in Abruzzo

A network of caves and sinkholes (Hiking in Abruzzo)

The trail starts from the Stiffe Caves ticket office car park, with about a kilometre of uphill walking.

There we reach the Fossa Campana sinkhole, an immense chasm resulting from the collapse of the ancient karst caves.

In warm weather the sinkhole, with a diameter of 300m and depth of 100m, is entirely covered with ample vegetation that tends to conceal it from hikers.

At the bottom of the northwest side, further conical subsidence proves that the area is still affected by underground shifts.

The trail continues downhill as far as Campana (a district of the municipality of Fagnano Alto), offering a view of a fine medieval bridge.

Before the bridge, we turn left and skirt the Rio Gamberale stream for about 2km, on a flat track that takes us back to our starting point.

From here we can also visit Stiffe’s famous karst caves, to admire the waterfalls and cascades created by a perennial river.

The caves are a resurgence of the river, the point where it returns to the surface after a stretch underground.

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