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A journey to the heart of the Mother Mountain

Hiking in Abruzzo

A journey to the heart of the Mother Mountain (Hiking in Abruzzo)

The well-known San Giovanni waterfall circuit (Trail 11 of the Park) allows us to discover the Torrente Vesola valley, typical of the eastern sector of Mount Majella.

The route starts on the Vesola stream, near the bridge, with a drinking water fountain on the left.

At the start of the path, enclosed by a wooden fence, there are traces of the old mill road, where few decades ago many mills were active in the valley, but now only a few remains survive.

Here we encounter a pine forest, easily recognizable for its distinctive balsamic scent and straight tree trunks.

After about 2 km, however, the habitat changes to mainly beech woods and the hike continues, rendered even more charming by the presence of the stream and, above all, by the San Giovanni waterfall.

There are some rather steep stretches upwards in the valley, but they are short. When we reach a fork in the path we continue along the valley to visit the main tier of the waterfall.

We then turn back to the fork and take the right-hand path, and proceed halfway up the slope to the ridge.

Once we reach the watershed, we leave the start of path F6 to the right and we continue down through mixed woods as far as the glades of Piana della Civita, probably an Iron Age settlement.

Here there is a vantage point with views as far as the nearby Adriatic Sea. We continue downhill along a steep path, as far as the valley entrance..

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