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A green balcony over a Lake

Hiking in Abruzzo

A green balcony over a Lake (Hiking in Abruzzo)

This route takes us to explore the southernmost side of the Laga mountains. Mount Cardito is a gentle, grassy slope that rises to the north, immediately above Lake Campotosto, the largest artificial basin in Abruzzo.

From the SS577 state road we take the uphill Via Castello and head north.

After about 500m we reach a junction and turn left, then continue for another 500m, leaving vehicles where the road forks, at Collabate (1,464m) and the paved road ends.

Take the left-hand road (signpost 361-369), heading towards the higher altitude, winding through meadows with ample patches of gorse.

At the Colle di Valle Bove pass (signposted), we take the left track, which leads us to the top of Mount Campbell after 800 m.

From here, the trail leads to a stunning viewpoint over Lake Campotosto, the entire western slope of Laga, the Sibillini mountains, Terminillo, and Gran Sasso’s highest peaks.

If we wish to continue the hike, we proceed for the ruins of San Iaco (1.5km), turning back along the way we came (150m), and then left to go to the saddleback below. Other signposts direct us toward a small hill opposite, reached along a grassy trail (1,611m).

Another 300m and we find the remains. To return to Campotosto, we retrace our footsteps.

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