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A day on the tratturo magno fortress trail

Hiking in Abruzzo

A day on the tratturo magno fortress trail (Hiking in Abruzzo)

Hikers can leave their car in the restaurant forecourt at the foot of Tussio (Prata d’Ansidonia), then take the path lined with poplars and willows, on the left of the building.

From here it is a short distance to the gas company cabin, located at the start of the Tratturo Magno (signposting for Peltuinum) sheep track.

We turn left and walk up the hillock to the central upland of the Roman- Vestino town of Peltuinum. Here Roman remains and Vestino tombs were brought to light, as well as the remains of a Medieval monastery built over the ruins of the town that had been destroyed by an earthquake.

The site contains the podium of the temple dedicated to Apollo and the theatre, on the south side of the hill, set against the slope.

Next to the temple podium there is a mysterious Vestino monolith with a ‘sacred’ spring on the rear.

Crossing the ruins of the gate we walk down the other side of the hill and turn left (south east) along a track before reaching the paved road.

We proceed along the path and it takes us back onto the paved road, which connects Prata d'Ansidonia.

If we cross the road it will take us to Castel Camponeschi, one of the Tratturo Magno fortresses.

Continuing along a lovely scenic trail we enjoy a view of the entire plain with the Tratturo and Peltuinum.

We will now have reached charming Tussio and we can return to the tarmac road to the north west, cross Prata San Pio delle Camere and find ourselves back at the starting point.

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