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A cool stroll in the Frentani mountains

Hiking in Abruzzo

A cool stroll in the Frentani mountains (Hiking in Abruzzo)

The planned route will take us to explore the highest sector of the Frentani Mountains. Green pastures, cool beech woods, with the stunning landscapes of Mount Majella and Alto Molise.

The trail starts from a well-marked road that quickly turns into a dirt track, opposite the church of Santa Maria del Monte (1) (1,163m). Once we are on the dirt track we continue straight ahead as far as the Sinello aqueduct (a concrete hut on the left, about 800m from the start).

Just before the hut there is a dirt road on the left (2) and we follow it up to the foot of a wind turbine where we meet a wide gravel path (3). We proceed on the cart-road until the junction, by a fold, where we turn left and downhill (4).

At the next fork we can turn left to climb up to the cross on the mountain pass between the Mount Fischietto crest and Mount Castelfraiano (Passo Santa Maria del Monte, 1,215m, 500m slightly uphill) (5), where we can enjoy the splendid view of Mount Majella, mid-Sangro, Alto Vastese and Alto Molise, or head straight back to the starting point.

The Selva Grande WWF oasis is worth visiting for its age-sold fir trees, survivors of ancient Quaternary glaciations.

Unspoiled landscapes for all strides

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