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A cocoon of biodiversity

Hiking in Abruzzo

A cocoon of biodiversity (Hiking in Abruzzo)

The trail winds through the Lago di Penne regional nature reserve, starting out at its Visitor Centre. Here a first part (800m) is covered with decking and is also suitable for people with mobility issues.

We cross an area of flora and fauna, with a centre devoted to the Mediterranean duck and one to the otter. There is also a botanical garden.

From the exit we take a tarmac road towards Collalto, for about 1.5km, until we come to a small fountain.

Here we turn right onto the path on the north side of the Collalto hill. After about 600m we turn left for the track through the mixed woods.

This area is a real treasure trove of biodiversity, with a grove of oak and downy oak, with maple and mannaash at the higher altitudes; hazelnut, hawthorn and common dogwood at mid heights.

The woods are home to many animals and we will easily spot jays, buzzards, foxes, and boar, but also owls, beech marten, badger, roe deer, and hare.

Many insects, including species of butterflies like cabbage white and moths like oak hawks. We proceed along the trail for 1.2km, as far as the up to the A. Bellini environmental education centre, where we can visit workshops for carpentry and processing of agricultural products, a petting zoo, and a small astronomical observatory.

The return is along the same route.

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